A Summers Day…….

Disc One

Loch Earn, The Trossacks, Scotland

Looking out my office window it its the perfect Summers day, a rare event this year.  Sadly I am stuck at base today so there is no chance to explore and enjoy much of the sun.

So I have delved into the archive to find a suitable summer image for the days blog.

A tranquil Scottish summers day along the shore line of Loch Earn, in the Trossacks, Central Highlands of Scotland

I hope you like

18th July

(C) David Oakes 2016



8 thoughts on “A Summers Day…….

    • It was so calm on that day…that ripple just faded away. But just to spoil the illusion the following day we had high winds and heavy rain….but that I Scotland for you, the weather can change, often does and sometimes in an instance 🙂

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