They have lost the plot…..


This could be more a case of lost path as gradually the summers growth takes over the woodlands.

But the perverse grey and wet spring and summer weather has I think somewhat dulled the senses of those so called Weather Forecasters…the latest pronouncement was this morning…..after 3 days (yes 3 days) of sunshine and for us scorching temperature around the 30c mark, they are calling it an extended period of sunshine.  Extended, what nonsense, its a brief flash of summer….this is mid July for goodness sake.

Just where are those weeks of summer sunshine and blue skies that even in a bad year we are use to?

Still, on a hot morning the woods do offer a shady space in which to walk, very much cooler for the dogs who just love to forage in the ferns.

The Patio plants are also thriving in this warm weather, just so long as I keep them watered,  months of lying dormant all of a sudden comes to fruitful life….


But by the days end…is the sky telling us that our extended period of summer sun is coming to a close…..I hope not but we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out


20th July

(C) David Oakes 2016


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