The End Of the Line……….

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Porthmadog Junction on the Welsh Highland Railway

The end of the Line….well for this journey perhaps so….BUT for Engine 87, an NG15, it is a new lease on life.  This engine of 2-8-2 configuration and incorporating extra large water tanks was originally built in the 1920’s in Germany.  It was constructed for South African Railways for use on their narrow gauge tracks, those special water tanks being essential for the arid operating environment.

Like most Steam Railways the engines were replaced by diesels and these colossal beast were left to rust till 1998 when several were rescued and imported to the UK where they were painstakingly restored to there former glory…

The Welsh Highland Railway runs on newly restored tracks from Caernarfon, passing in the shadow of Mount Snowdon, through Beddgelert along the Glaslyn Pass   to Porthmadog were it interchanges with the long established Ffestiniog Steam Heritage Railway.

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22nd July

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16 thoughts on “The End Of the Line……….

  1. How I wished to travel with these trains… I remember, there was a program on BBC, traveling by train to the coast of UK… it was amazing… Maybe one day, I come back and make this journey. Thank you dear David, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

  2. The Welsh Highland Railway – years ago I walked through the tunnels on the abandoned track at the Aberglaslyn Pass, on several occasions….somehow, I am a little sorry it has been restored….

    • You know Sue that was one of our favourite walks (and the kids loved it) coming out by the falls the turning left up to the old mines and back round to Beddgelert over the hill in time for an Ice Cream. A few year ago we were also had our caravan in the Forestry just outside Beddgelert and watched in both amassment and sorrow as they laid the new track…so we took our last walk down the track and despite signs that had been erected saying No Entry we also went through the tunnels for the last time on foot. As yet not done the run down from Caernarvon but maybe this autumn once the schools are well and truly back….then us BIG kids can play.

  3. Apart from the vivid images, this is quite an amazing story!! My father was actually an employee of the South African Railways. When I was a child we crisscrossed the country in trains powered by steam engines.

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