A Dragonfly with No Name

Well I hope that dilemma may be short lived…..spotted this Dragonfly by our local lake.  As you guessed I am not up on the ‘proper’ names of each member of the Dragonfly family and am trusting of the wider blogging world to provide the correct identification.

It has a gold/brown body with more distinct spots of russet where the wings join its body….it was a fleeting glimpse so I guess that size was about 80 – 100mm.

Over to you….?

I know many of us have commented about this years weather and the unseasonable changes and shifts in weather to the seasonal timetables we have been used to.  Plants, flowers and trees have all responded differently to what one used to call normal.

But back to insects, etc. We are told that Bees have been in decline and Butterflies are another cause for concern….well so far this year,we (in our part of the UK) seem to be doing well for Bees and the Butterflies are currently flitting about the meadows and our garden like demented beings.  Then we have Ladybirds, that is another story…..just where are they we haven’t seen one single Ladybird, greenfly are absent and even what we perhaps would call annoying little flies seem to have moved elsewhere.  Spiders are a rarity though truthfully it is autumn before we get any big numbers.

As for the seasons well they move on…even the Swallows seem to be getting ready to migrate back to winter quarters….perhaps because of the lack of insects.

28th July

(C) David Oakes 2016


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