August and another Floral Season….


August and the Hydrangea season is now getting underway.  Even though we live on the outskirts of a City we are lucky to have many great parks.  Hidden away within one such park is one of the few National Hydrangea Collections in the UK.

It had for many years been virtually lost, some say lack of interest but maybe lack of funds and manpower lead to neglect. The good news was that just a few years ago, thanks to the enthusiasm of a few keen and committed folk, who in turn managed to mobilise groups of volunteers, this Hydrangea Collection is now very much on the way to recovery.

I have visited during the flowering season for the past 3 years, each year the plants are fuller, more colourful with each now blending much more with its neighbour…..a garden well on the way to recovery…


Darley Abbey Park Hydrangea Collection, Derby

1st August

(C) David Oakes 2016



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    • This is less than half the garden, perhaps the part that gets most sun as the remainder is yet to come into full flower. It is all protected for most of the year behind a large garden wall and only open to the public during the flowering season. Just wish Hydrangeas were more scented then it would be overpowering!

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