Sunny Start……


Sunshine down by the lake this morning ….but the clouds looked ominous and indeed later in the day we were treated to heavy rain that the forecasters called showers!

But all that rain has helped to keep the woodlands feeling fresh and green…

Autumn has to be some way off for us yet.  Though there are odd signs that the season is progressing.  There are lots of spiders around so I guess it will not be long before a morning dew will through the webs into stark relief……meantime it is the occasional leaf that has that autumnal look to it…

Down by the lake again and once the rain passed all was calm, overcast but bright..


4th August

(C) David Oakes 2016


Coast 4……


Tears Point, Rhossili, Gower Peninsula, South Wales.  

The Gower coastline is a mix of wide sandy beaches and rugged cliffs. Rhossili Beach is one of those tourist hot spots but head to Tears Point above the Bay towards sundown and you will have the whole place to yourself….maybe just the occasional Sea Bird for extra company

No 4 in this weeks series of Coast

4th August

(C) David Oakes 2016