Just a Little Cooler in the Woods…..


A rare very HOT and humid weekend…not that I am complaining,  it was also great to walk with the dogs through the cool of the woods.  Well OK… it was still hot but away from that scorching sun it felt much pleasanter.

It is still high summer, everything is lush and full of life. Yet the woods have started to develop that very distinct autumnal aroma, some berries were starting to turn red whilst  many more leaves were dressing the floor.  Overall the colour is still bright green, still rich and holding some of those lime green tints from spring…


It was also a lazy weekend….nothing pressing that had to be done, so I guess ‘lucky’ is the word, to be able to do nothing but aimlessly wander through the woodland glades..

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All sounds very peaceful and it was, the strong overnight winds had caused some minor damage, but nothing that dramatic….though I guess a few squirrels and birds will have had an uncomfortable night…


X marks the spot

8th August

(C) David Oakes 2016


16 thoughts on “Just a Little Cooler in the Woods…..

  1. Beautiful photos David. There is so much to photograph in woods…but I always feel a bit ‘uneasy’ in them. Not sure why. I got lost in some woods in Canada when I was very young – maybe that is why.

  2. Britons are blessed with a stunning landscape, almost everywhere you are. No wonder the pull is so strong. 🙂 As a little girls woods frightened me. I think in case it were the fairy tales. Today I feel the atmosphere in the woods is doing me good. But, I have not ever been in a proper forest, like the ones in Canada, or even in Eastern Europe. The woods I have close by are in Canadian eyes nothing more than a park, I guess. 😀 but I love them. Even on a small scale you can find so much to see and wonder about. And yes, David… like in the Scottish Nature documentary yesterday was said: The Wheel is turning. Towards the equinox in September. May it be a golden and Indian Summer.

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