Sunday ……and off to Church again


The Church of Saint Mary, Tissington, Derbyshire

I was tempted to say ‘just another typical English Village Church’ and one might say that it is….however whilst similarities do exist each village church is unique in location and style.

Saint Mary’s was built in the 12th century (expanded with a new aisle in the 1800’s) with a squat Norman Tower it stands rather grandly on a hill central to the village of Tissington.  Surrounded mainly by farms and overlooking Tissington Hall, Duck Pond and a few Derbyshire Stone cottages; Tissington and its church is the quintessential English Village.

 As appropriate for a small village, Saint Mary’s  is also compact but  still worth taking a look around.  Stained glass windows dominate but perhaps that is because  the interior fights for every bit of light it can acquire…



Tissington is about 8 miles north of Ashbourne, 3 miles from Dovedale and is reputed to be where the Derbyshire Tradition of Well Dressing began.  There are a number of wells that are easy to find in the village.

14th August

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12 thoughts on “Sunday ……and off to Church again

  1. Symbolic! While the priest is preaching in bright sunshine, the congregation is patiently waiting in the dusk? 🙂
    No, it probably wouldn’t be quite like that ?

    • Interesting thought….but in reality the priest would address the congregation from the pulpit on the right of the main body of the church….all in the dark together (candle lit at times!)

      • Are you two forgetting that in the days that this church was built up to far in the 20th century the priests stood with their backs to the congregation? I heard the expression that in the first half of the 20th century this was said and one done: the factory director saying to the priest: “You keep ‘m stupid and I’ll keep ‘m poor….”
        Sometimes I think history has a way of repeating itself but this time most clergy would not agree to this anymore. Something good came out of it anyway. The new pope brings more social feelings in as well. Fine example. 🙂
        Nowadays priests stand with their face towards the people. I cannot remember when I went to church the last time. But it was definitely pre 1997.

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