Wordless Wednesday…..Another Favourite Place


Location:  A rainstorm over the River Dee in the shadows of the Cairngorms at Braemar,  Aberdeenshire,  Scottish Highlands

17th August

(C) David Oakes 2016


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…..Another Favourite Place

      • I’m way behind this year.Fell off my electric bike aand had to rest my leg in a horizontal position for 14 weeks on end.
        Now I’m more or less OK again, but from next week it’s gonna rain for a full week. I’m really getting out of time!!!

        • Sounds painful and frustrating (more or less suggests that there is still some tension in the leg)……now so that you can reset your time clock, and remembering just how much you love the Festive period, let me just remind you that it is 128 days till Christmas 🙂

          • You really remember which buttons to click! From October I’ll pretend to be a bear sleeping through it all. And may be I’ll be waking up for a very short spell on the day I’m 80.
            May be! But I realize there is a limit (and an end) to everything!

  1. You have every right to be proud, David. These are wonderful photos.The story is obviously right, seeing the golden fields at the end of the rainbow. 😀

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