As its Sunday…..I feel Lazy


Lazy Sunday Afternoon….

You could write a song with that Lyric…….but for Buster he has decided that after this mornings walkies he is having a lazy Sunday afternoon…..I think I will join him.

21st August

(C) David Oakes 2016


10 thoughts on “As its Sunday…..I feel Lazy

    • It will be smewhat craped when Carla decides to sleep next to Buster… 😀
      When my cats were alive, I have been sitting on the floor way too often after they installed themselves on the couch. 😀 After all… one is seen as servant. But that’s cats. Do dogs have these ideas as well, you think? Question for noth Norway and David.

  1. Sorry David I do not know how this happened – was commenting on another person’s blog in the reader and somehow it ended up on yours. I blame Buster for making me sleepy!

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