Change in the garden……


Yet another flush of Flowers on the Honeysuckle…

I have commented at various times this year on the strange sequence of seasonal ups and downs.  Plants flowering before they should and others just not bothering or at their best making a half hearted attempt to bloom.  But this honeysuckle is now on its third flush of the year…but maybe this is the last as there are now some fruit berries forming.

Elsewhere in the garden I guess the early signs of the approach of autumn are starting to appear.  The wild strawberries have no more fruit, the cotoneaster is starting to berry , ferns are more prolific and our small  Oak is showing signs of the turn….

Blue skies and white clouds have dominated our weather system for the past week with just the occasional day when rain clouds muscle in. There are times of the day, when presented with a gin clear blue sky,  wispy clouds roll across the blue….


But don’t be fooled by their apparent grace.  These are not natural clouds but vapour trails from high level airliners.  They leave a thin white line behind them, the wind starts to break it up into what can only be described as a honeycomb chain that expands in width, disperses further but like magic drifts and rolls into an earlier vapour trail thinning and spreading once again to form slow moving wispy blankets.  Thin they maybe but they still mask the sun….I guess that is the penalty for living underneath transatlantic flight paths.

23rd August

(C) David Oakes 2016


7 thoughts on “Change in the garden……

  1. Beautiful. The Wheel is turning. But your honeysucle is amazing. I so love the scent. As I could see on our weather forecast you are having fun with clouds and rain, while we roast in 30º plus. Please send some cool clouds?

  2. I like your description of airline vapour trails. I feel torn when I gaze into the sky and like their patterns…they are interesting, yet they are airplane fumes.

    • I think we all like wispy clouds but at tim these vapour trails do ultimately create a mass that block the sun on what should be a clear sky…..I don’t know how polluting it is but there must be particles that eventually fall to earth

      • The gases blanket the earth and keep the warmth in. Your observations of the clouds are acute …I am not sure if I would know which clouds…other than trails…come from jets and which are natural…but perhaps this would be clear to me in an area under major jet traffic.

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