Moody Monday…..


Sundown…after the Harvest

Old and gnarled  the lone Hawthorn Tree. Yet all around new growth has been harvested for yet another season..autumn is on the way

29th August

(C) David Oakes 2016


11 thoughts on “Moody Monday…..

  1. Of trees only could talk…. I often touch a tree. Sometimes they feel rather warm to the touch. Occasionally cold. Even in a hot summer. I like to think that the warm trees ‘speak’ to me and that some cold trees don’t want to bother.

    There is a book by a German forest ranger who discovered trees communicate with eachother. When a tree needs water and/or food, roots travel towards that tree to help. He wrote a book about this. See here:

    That would mean that this beautiful hawthorne must be lonely?

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