Gently Fading Summer’s Glow……


Daisy …Daisy…Give me your answer do

And my question was “do you know when summer will end” ?  These pin head sized Daisy flowers ( Erigeron) are noted as early summer flowers  yet here we are at the end of August still enjoying this cushion of sparkling colour.

Yes, it is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of August. Then we move into September…..just another month, well maybe but it is the month we start to see noticeable changes to both day length and the growth of our trees and plants…not autumn for some weeks yet but the signs will start to show with increased dominance.

It is though worth remembering at this step change in the year that we still have 4 months (thats a third of the year) to enjoy before the cycle starts again.


So Thank You little Daisy….perhaps the best is yet to come.

30th August

(C) David Oakes 2016


16 thoughts on “Gently Fading Summer’s Glow……

  1. You folks over there are so eager for time to fly! My research says that, in the northern hemisphere, autumn doesn’t officially start until the 22nd of September. Why are you so impatient? Nevertheless, a lovely daisy variety that’s new to me. Thanks for the introduction!

    • That’s the official start date but usually the real autumn, as we would describe one, comes towards the end of October and into November. But late summer (like early summer) does have a character all of its own and depending upon that all important factor ‘the weather’ is fun to enjoy and observe the gentle changes to the countryside and gardens. As for time…..well this year it does seem to have flown by, a jet powered clock is to blame 🙂

  2. Daisy Daisy, you are the one for me… Humming it all day now I’m afraid. I love them. As a kid we made bracelets, necklaces and hairjewelry from them. Sitting in the grass with a bunch of other kids and my mum. We sang kiddies songs and had loads of fun.
    These are the official ones for in the borders. I have not seen red ones before. Wonderful little flowers, David. Thanks. (for the memory 🙂 )

  3. yes! there is a subtle change in the air this time of year. Summer waning. or tongue in cheek, summer on its last legs! gorgeous little flower David 🙂

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