Have no doubts….late summer is here


 Big Wood, Allestree 

It is morning and the sun is high enough in the sky to cut through the woodland canopy…..but make no mistake there is now that richer warm touch to its glow.  Like it or not we have entered that stage of summer that slowly over the next few weeks that mutates into autumn.

It is some time till the leaves will turn and fall, but for those trees that fruit their productive season is well underway. If you need proof then perhaps this Rowan (or Mountain Ash) will convince you….


Even though this year seems to have moved past us like an express train I am not complaining as late summer can be one of the nicest times of the year to be out and about.   All we need to make it perfect is for the weather to play ball!

30th August

(C) David Oakes 2016


2 thoughts on “Have no doubts….late summer is here

  1. After several days in the 35° to 37° range, yesterday it cooled here in the Pacific Northwest, and it is mostly cloudy today. I too love late summer when the morning air is crisp and the afternoons are a more comfortable 23° — 26°!

    • We here in the UK had a very brief and not quite so hot taste of what you have been experiencing…..4 days, a mini heatwave with temperatures reaching 34c for awhile. Bt as is the style here, thunder a rain was not far away and now e have some moderate temperatures and sunshine. But I guess that is why we have such a green country…..a silver lining as they say 🙂

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