Fresh Start to the Month


A little rain overnight (now that really is the best time for rain) and a fresh feel to the morning.  The Himalayan Balsam has dew drops on its flowers which I guess will soon dry as yesterday these bushes were full of very active Bees seeking pollen and no doubt keen to get harvesting again…


September starts well – so we have, I think, a great month of change to look forward to enjoying ….


1st September

(C) David Oakes 2016


4 thoughts on “Fresh Start to the Month

  1. It’s kind of strange to imagine that this little oak sprout may one day have grown to a mighty gigant a thousand years old? And you were the first human on Earth that discovered it?

  2. Great crop of acorns? Doesn’t that mean a cold winter? I saw the rowan tree also full of delicious berries. Will keep a beady eye open when I am outside. Berries in the holly tree is another predictor, ‘they’ say.

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