Wait and See…..it could be interesting

Red Stag

Red Deer Stag

This is an image from last autumn.  Like many of nature’s cyclical patterns the Annual Deer Rut  in our part of the UK did not follow the traditional time table…..we watched and watched, careful not to miss the occasion.  As the season got later and later,and on hearing reports of rutting in Scotland and the South we began to think that we had blinked and missed it.

This shot was taken when the Red Stags were rubbing their antlers along branches to scent mark their territories.

As yet we haven’t seen this activity this season…..but just in case we have an early rut for a change we will keep a watchful eye open. Could be interesting.

6th September

(C) David Oakes 2016


19 thoughts on “Wait and See…..it could be interesting

  1. I don’t care for frames so much. I see a majestic beast in a wonderful setting. I have been picking up acorns and a few conkers already and found wild hazelnuts ripen on their bush. It makes a lovely display. This great, majestic animal is the following on my list for Autumn. Thank you very much.
    Starts looking for autumn pixies now… 😀

    • Autumn is still a little way off but they way this year has moved I guess it will be here before we know it! (as for frames…I have always used the same frame….not sure why it gets comments now)

  2. I often wonder how large deer with such magnificent spreading antlers can move so apparently effortlessly through underbrush and thickets without getting caught in the tangles.

    • Sometimes they don’t as you see them with antlers covered with bracken ….but then I wonder if like the branch scenting laying if it was intentional……but for me it is the silent way they move through the woodland. Then of course we get the rut and the noise is dramatic and at times frightening.

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