Not Quite a Double Take…..


November’s Gold

I published this Autumnal image a couple of Novembers ago…it is still one of my favourite Autumn images.  However as I was passing this location this week I thought it might be interesting to shot the same trees as they are now at the beginning of September.


Looks very different.  Both trees have a full head of rich green Oak leaves with what appears to be a good crop of Acorns forming.

But hiding away under that canopy is one of my favourite Ancient Oak Trees.  You can just make it out through the branches on the left above.It is the one that is known as the Old Man of Calke….reputedly well over 1000 years old and just one of several ancient Oaks within this old  Parkland on the Calke Estate.


The Old Man of Calke

It’s massive trunk has for many years been hollowed out by Oak beetles but that outer shell stands firm against winds and rain.  It may look craggy and so obviously old…..but I don’t reckon its going anywhere else for many years to come.

I will try to get back when the autumn colour returns.

8th September

(C) David Oakes 2016



9 thoughts on “Not Quite a Double Take…..

    • I hope so to….the foliage on ground and tree is certainly very full and green. But closer inspection does show that the leaves are no longer soft and pliable full of moisture but starting to dry and become brittle.

  1. The Old Man is magnificent, and I believe you’ve brought him to us before. So what’s that about looking craggy and old? If we accept that with grace and humility, those younger whippersnappers will learn to appreciate the wisdom that the years bring.

    • As I say he and neighbouring ancient Oaks are old friends. They present a different face in each season and strangely the older they get the strong they appear…..but like many old men like me it is that thicker waistline hat gives the stability!!!

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