A Rather Nice Start….



Allestree Lake

Looks like a great start to the day.  The forecasters are predicting another  mini Heatwave.

I believe that in Iceland when the temperature reaches a local high they declare a national holiday….but the UK must be the only country to forecast excitedly that we are going to have a heatwave for a day.

But the season continues to progress….The last of the Rosebay Willowherb have turned to seed with just the occasional flower head offering enough pollen for a frantic Bee…


13th September

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “A Rather Nice Start….

  1. Lovely photos, David. Especially the Willowherb that’s hanging on to the summer. And, of course her little visitor. Don’t box the weathermen around the ears. Ours are exactly the same. Big smiles, happy laughter and they promise you more days inside with everything closed up and living under lamp light. One thing that’s holding me up: Friday is the change happening. I so want to believe that. 😀 But everything looks wonderful in the light of the Sun. It really does. So I am happy for the ones that like to bake or go out and doe lots of nice things and my sympathy goes out to those that do hard work in this weather.

  2. I’d call that a very nice start to the day. We’re having a short-term mini cool wave. My phone informed me that there are frost warnings up near the cabin. The weather can be so crazy.

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