Fooled You…..


It is NOT Spring…..Big Wood Allestree

No it is not Spring but mid September yet the look and feel of our woodland is still very much that of a Spring morning.

The only noticeable nod to autumn is the Robin who had started his rather bad tempered warning Tut Tut Tut territorial call, imitated by the slightly sweeter Tut of the Wren. The rest of the woodland and surrounding meadows are quiet so I guess most of our migrating birds have already headed off to warmer climes.

So lets enjoy the slow decline inevitably to autumn

Meantime it is yet another great start to the day down by the lake


15th September

(C) David Oakes 2016


3 thoughts on “Fooled You…..

    • Does seem better and calmer than usual…though when I said that to my wife she reminded me that often we are in Scotland (north west) in mid September and have nearly always enjoyed an indian summer (so may be I forget too easily!) 🙂

  1. Overhere the first clouds are rolling from the S.E. The promise of a cooling down is here. We have had 4 days of 30º and Tuesday and Wednesday it was 32,1 on Tuesday and 31.7 yesterday. Today a ‘mere’ 30. The rain is coming. Not much and the cool down is only to 21-23º. Not bad!
    We did have a great Indian Summer in September, but I hope for another in October. 🙂

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