This cannot be Autumn…..well not for a good while yet!


Spring Greens, Allestree Wood

Way past the midpoint of September and the light is still casting a green shadow over the woodland floor…..more like spring green than the darker green that marks the end of summer and the approach of Autumn. Here the bent Beech seem a long way from the time they start to turn a golden copper brown before the Autumn fall.

Not that I am complaining but very much enjoying this extended summer.

20th September

(C) David Oakes 2016


12 thoughts on “This cannot be Autumn…..well not for a good while yet!

  1. I’m not complaining either, but – even if we have enjoyed warm days (of summer) lately, with temperatures way above what you’d expect this time of year, there has been a distinct change in night temperatures.
    Must have been around 3-5 degrees!!! Would you believe it, we measured 46 degrees C on our terrace the other day, – in the sun, but still . . .!

    • Snap….I do, and mini-heat waves have been a welcome surprise. A bit more like a normal September temperature yesterday and forecast for the rest of the week about 20c most days and of course cooler at night, for us about 10c further north 5c.

  2. This is so beautiful photograph. And yes, it is so nice to have a summer day still… In here same too, but this weekend it’s said that gonna be cold as autumn days… Thank you, Love, nia

  3. I got on my bike today (20-9) and rode 6 miles into the Green Heart of Holland (which is the western part of my country. It was quiet, peaceful, green. The corn stood hight, ready for harvesting. The geese were feasting on the grass in a field. The farmer wasn’t really pleased and chased them off. And when I returned one hour and 45 minutes later, they were back, feasting again on the grass, The sun was out, no wind and temperatures between 18-20º. It made me stop at the B&B that also has a small tea garden. It was wonderful. Now, I have saddle pain. 😀

  4. We’re enjoying the remaining light in the north of Scotland too and getting brilliant sunsets. Savouring every morning that I don’t need to take a headtorch when walking the dog – it can’t last!

    • Sunsets and sunrises are something that we are missing out on this year. We have that low thick cloud that hugs the horizon and no high level cloud to reflect back any glow….nature just ain’t working with us this year. We are normally in Scotland through September especially to make the most of the longer early autumn days. When we get back home the change in time for lights on is dramatic. After that of course we start to win out till next spring 🙂

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