First This Year……


Red Admiral

Surprise, surprise …..just when we had given up any chance of seeing any of our usual spring and summer Butterflies along comes this solitary Red Admiral Butterfly.

Apart from a few Whites (all types) the usual Peacock, Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady and even Comma have just not shown up. Blues, Brimstones and Orange Tips not a chance.

So apologies for these rather hasty shots, I grabbed what I could before it had chance to flap those wings and take to the skies.


Just one more oddity in what has been a strange year that has brought many changes.

At least we were graced by one visitor….even if we had to wait till nearly the end of September

22nd September

(C) David Oakes 2016


10 thoughts on “First This Year……

  1. Pretty common fellow over here! Think I have a picture somewhere with as much as 5 individuals in the same frame. They seem to have a liking for the juices from the birch?

    • Lucky….we are thin on the ground this summer for Butterflies (except the whites) likewise my Bird counting friends report low numbers of all species thru from Spring….certainly we have no gathering of large flocks getting ready to migrate to warmer climes. The good news I suppose is that autumn colour seems a good way of yet, so with luck that could delay winter.

  2. I’ve sent a clear message that no snow whatever will be accepted before January 15th at the very earliest!
    And the would entail that we may expect the new spring of 2017 mid-February?! But sice I’ve long time left hiss congregation, I’m not sure my word carry any weight no more! 🙂

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