Storm Brewing…..


Brora Beach, North East Coast of Scotland

or the Calm before the storms!

An image from a couple of years ago…..but it sums up the weather forecast.  After all the September sunshine we are told we can now lookforward to a week of storms, gales and rain.  The good news is that prediction is that more clement seasonal weather will return next week.  I guess we wait and see 🙂

27th September

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “Storm Brewing…..

    • It was a true Scottish ‘storm’….early morning and I was busy watching a school of Dolphins performing acrobatics way out at sea, concentrating with my binoculars. The sea and sky were bright blue, then realising that I ought to be on the move I turned and there was all this dark sky heading our way. It did rain but for about an hour and a half then normal blue skies returned.

  1. Good luck! I saw the forecast on the internet. It looks very autumnal. We are better off. Some rain at times, more wind up to even force 7 and then again quieter days with between 19-21 degrees. It could be worse. 😀

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