Goodbye September….and Hello October


Doctors Wood, Allestree

September has gone out with a bit of a blow but overall it has been a great month for sunshine, blue skies and some days with record high temperature. We have had the Meteorological Office start of autumn followed by the Autumn Equinox….but as yet no real autumn.  In fact the woodlands and wild meadows still have a summer look and in places a spring hint to them.

So I guess it will all come to an end in October….it could be a slow move thru golds and browns to bare branches….or if the weather gods decide a quick gale or two with a hard frost and snap – all is gone.  Perhaps it will all happen on the 29th/30th October that is when we reset our clocks back one hour to GMT….a time when you do start to notice the darker nights of the coming winter.

So whilst we can we will make the most of October and its mild September legacy.  Sweet Chestnuts are plumping up, fungi is starting to appear on the woodland floor, winds prune the weaker leaves and branches, shadows lengthen and there has been the occasional shower…and the woodland still retains much of its summer leaf..


So let’s say “Three Cheers” for September thanks for a great month…and welcome October with hope that it has learnt some lessons from September.

1st October

(C) David Oakes 2016


14 thoughts on “Goodbye September….and Hello October

    • It has been a rather fine September. Now I know it is only day one of October but this mornings woodland walk felt very much more like autumn should feel. Plus the forecasters are giving dire warnings of a cold and snowy winter ahead (but then again that is what they said last year)

    • Thank you I do hope it conveyed the feel of September. However I should perhaps clarify my comments on high temperatures… was record high’s for September and compared to warmer climes we only reached modest middle 20’s c. 🙂

        • I honestly believe human kind is ruining this planet. Global Warming can cause a lot of nasty things. Warm weather could be fun in the Norther hemisphere but all in all things are changing and the seas are rising. My country is as low ad Bangla Desh. We build dykes and dams and small mounds for farms (called TERP in Dutch). But the country is slowly sinking deeper and deeper. Our defenses against the seas need to be monitored whether or not they are still good enough. One way is the making of a sand engine in front of the coast:
          What it does it deposit the sand of the artificial island to the coast and the beaches will therefore not see too much erosion.

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