Monday Reflections……


Morning at Allestree Lake

Monday the start of a new day and a new week…it is that time of the week when there seems to be a good deal of the week ahead to accomplish most if not all the tasks life throws at us…then its Friday again and you wonder where all the time disappeared to.

It also time to reflect upon the last weekend all the more notable  as it marked the start of a new month.  Indeed October 1st started as calm and sunny as September finished but by 6pm we had the father and mother of thunderstorms and torrential rain.

So it was all the more rewarding to wake to another complete reversal of our weather fortunes and another absolutely fabulous day ….true it was a touch chillier but who cares when the sun shines.

O.K. there are some small signs of autumn’s approach but summer is hanging on in there….just the shadows that little longer and the light a little richer.


Not that Buster would complain even if it was raining….just so long as he gets his walkies and the chase of the occasional squirrel .

Now…as it is Monday….Best press on.  Have a good week  🙂

3rd October

(C) David Oakes 2016