Another dawn and yet the Season has not moved on….


There might just be a small hint of Autumn…

But in truth not that much of a hint. Yes, another day and we again have sun and blue skies and those above average temperatures for September continue the trend into October.  Our local woods are still dark under a thick canopy of leaves and those leaves are still a vibrant spring green.  So I thought we would head to some old Oak and Beech woods a little further away to see if things were any different.

Some ferns and bracken have started to turn to the red/brown of autumn but that overall woodland feel is of spring and summer, the sun casting a green shadow to the dry woodland floor. The only autumnal concession is that the nights are getting colder and frosts can surely not be far away and that woodland smell is just starting to develop that distinctive musty aroma that can only mean autumn….


But we will let this wizened stump of a veteran Oak have the last word.  It has seen many winters and enjoyed as many summers.  It is a stubborn old Oak and will probably be arround for a good many years to come…and to prove the point it is topped with a bright full,crisp, green haircut…


3rd October

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “Another dawn and yet the Season has not moved on….

  1. I love that old oaktree. Weathered as it is, it’s still strong and holding on. This tree will have hundreds of good stories to share if it could speak ‘Human’. We do not speak ‘Tree’, or ‘Oak’. I am curious after it’s stories and tales.

  2. Nice to see that your definitive seasonal changes are slow in coming. Ours, in Minnesota, were unusually transient this year, thanks to high winds and frosty conditions. But they were still lovely to behold.

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