Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Liquid


Fire Boat

Here is my submission for this weeks Black and White Photo Challenge.  The rules say tint and a hint of colour allowed so here we have it with a hint of red.

See what others have submitted on this link:-


Ban W Cee

7th October

(C) David Oakes 2016


Flippant Friday….Part Two – More Works of Art


Yesterday whilst we were admiring Sculptures and other works of Art with eye watering price tags (Please see this mornings post  https://davidoakesimages.wordpress.com/2016/10/07/flippant-friday-lets-play-statues/ )

Young Students from our local college were  busy in the woods creating their own autumnal  displays.  The rules are simple use only that which is on the woodland floor no breaking branches, etc. The trees of course can be props and part of the artwork…


But here is the neat twist.  It is not that all the materials are FREE but yesterday was day one! These are by the Art Students…


Today is the bonus part of the scheme when youngster that need help with education and life come along….inspired by these sculptures and then helped and encouraged by the Art Students the youngsters will be able to try out their own ideas and skills.  They also have a day out from school, a play in the woods (which for many will be a first) and a Picnic at lunch time.

No Expensive price tags here….and soon they will be swallowed up by time and weather….but this now annual autumnal event must have a much bigger payback for the kids and students.

7th October

(C) David Oakes 2016

Flippant Friday….Lets Play Statues !


Now that is what I call at statue…just one of many traditional Greek/Roman style crafted carvings that decorate the gardens of Chatsworth House.

But right now they are having to share the garden with Sculptures and Art Installations of a very different style…..


Sculptor Fernando Botero and his contribution called Donna Sdraiata is one of the more appealing of the exhibits in this years Sothebys Selling Exhibition in the gardens of Chatsworth.  It is indeed fine surroundings to display all types of works of art, it has the space, and this special location adds to the experience and sets off well many of the exhibits.


The Installations range in size from modest to EXTRA large, the largest exhibit very much needing the space that gardens like Chatsworth can provide.  This one is called Lilai and is by Zaha Hadid and as you can judge for yourselves it very much needs the space.

I am told that as the sun goes down Lilai is illuminated to provide an even more dramatic display.

A much more simple piece that seemed to catch people’s imagination is more recognisable…it is by Richard Hudson.  He has named it Tear..


Two of several quirky exhibits are Der Gurk by Erwin Wurm and Black Beast by Lynn Chadwick

Humorous certainly…and whilst the Gherkin is much smaller than its namesake landmark on the London skyline it still somewhat larger than pickled variety….as for the Black Beast to me it is more like a Stealth Cow!  Fun pieces.


Not only would you need a large garden but also a large lake to display Bruce Munro’s water feature Time and Again and features a number of sundial discs floating like lilly pads.

The Exhibition is called Beyond Limits and for the most part, for philistine  like me, it certainly was.  Not that I was ever in the market to purchase any one of these art pieces….my pockets are not that deep,  you would need very very deep pockets. Chatsworth hosts a Sotheby’s Exhibition each Autumn….I do look forward to them but this year I came away very disappointed. In past years there have been pieces that had no appeal for me but I could still admire the skill, craft and thought process of the artist/sculptor that created them.

Lets just say, that this year I have selected just  a few exhibits that I like enough to share.  But don’t take my word, I am no expert, go see for yourself..you have until the 30th October.


Aristide Maillol…..La Montagne

7th October

(C) David Oakes 2016

Since posting this page this morning I have had the privilege of seeing some more VERY different pieces of Art in our local woods…..well worth clicking this link to view


You maybe surprised but not I think dissapointed.