Fungi are now starting to show themselves, a sure sign that autumn is on the way.  If we were fooled into  thinking that summer is still with us….perhaps we could be forgiven.

It is dark under the trees just the occasional shaft of light breaking through the canopy….and despite the drop in temperature still a nice spot to pause for awhile…


The Silver Birch is usually the first to shed it tiny leaves but they are still so firmly attached that despite a wind rattling the wispy branches they remain intact. The mornings may start later and the day finish earlier but the blue skies are still with us…

 You could say that this Octobers weather is Quack(ingly) good..


13th October

(C) David Oakes 2016


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  1. yes, it is here at last – the weather is getting cooler and nights darker. The leaves are blowing down the streets in Leeds – it is about time, although we had more or less a decent summer…your photos really do show the beauty of autumn starting David 🙂

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