Flippant Friday……..70 !!!!

Advance Warning !!!


Tomorrow will be Saturday, a day when many folk will head to the shops.  But be warned there are only 70 Days till Christmas …..so best get shopping.  Remember  that if your Seasonal Yuletide Celebrations are on the 21st of December that only leaves you 65 days for the task.

70 days that some will either, love or hate……so take heed (or take cover) Christmas is coming.

  Just so you can keep track of the time, here is the Christmas Clock Link


And especially for you …your first Seasonal Greetings for 2016


14th October

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “Flippant Friday……..70 !!!!

    • It was pf course a tongue in cheek post….for those who live for Christmas I thought an overdose of Christmas colour would satisfy the craving….for you and me it’s probably best to avoid the shops🎅

      • Yes, it would be fine if we could avoid them all together?
        But there ought to be something in it for the children?! So giving the parents a sum and ask them to see to it, is the easy way out. I’m getting to old for this shit!

  1. And you lot only moan about the X’mas stuff and so on. My lot has this Saint Nicholas feast on December 5 with all the sweet candy etc you can imagine. I found that already mid August in the supermarkets. It’s now’t but a HYPE. And, of course, marketing to make as much money as they can hope for. They being toy and sweets companies and shops. Granted: it looks colourful and festive. But like you it is way too early for me. 🙂

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