A Touch of Gold…..


The early mornings glow is certainly adding a touch more autumn colour to the woods. The rain and wind of yesterday have brought down a few more leaves. There is still a good deal of green and plenty of leaf cover in the canopy but where the Pines dominate the bracken has dried and the leaves on the forest floor crisp and brown..


There is still a reluctance on the part of Autumn to show its true colours…but it is coming.  Apart from the leaves and bracken which is starting to wear their autumn coats of brown,  Fungi is now starting to  appear across the woodland floor…


So at the moment we have a very pleasing mix of seasons and their colours

Now that the sun has risen that early morning glow has vanished and despite the sun and a blue sky the view over the lake looks decidedly much colder than of late.


It may be the midpoint of October, the wind ripples the lake and rustles leaves on  those trees that are reluctant to admit defeat.

18th October

(C) David Oakes 2016


7 thoughts on “A Touch of Gold…..

  1. First… I see your second photo on the top of the page. Fabulous just as the sunrise or sunset. And your woods look lovely. A stroll in a sunny wood when outside the rain started and the promise of a proper autumn gale keeps me snug inside.

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