No Change…well very little

_doi0116_00006bb-2Allestree Lake …. Early Morning

Early morning on the 21st October and just a tad more colour hinting that autumn is on the way…..summer isn’t going anywhere without a fight. To prove the point the Ash trees and the meadows plus the countryside beyond are still lush green, still glowing despite some possible storm clouds….


There is some colour in the hedgerow courtesy of an imposter, the American Rufus Oak


Not to be out done the Russian Vine is competing for the honour of being the reddest kid on the block….


22nd October

(C) David Oakes 2016


2 thoughts on “No Change…well very little

  1. красивая лоза

    krasivaya loza

    Meaning: beautiful vine. In Russian. 🙂 Sun’s coming out here. Glorious again.

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