A Lot of Noise and Nothing (so far) to show for it


There I was having a quiet scratch, as one does, when this guy with a camera turns up!


But I soon spot him…..and then this cocky so and so came along to try and push we off my territory…


After a bit of a tussle he decided it wasn’t  worth the effort, so after a bit of bluster off he went in search of some other fellas harem .


So as I keep saying…Don’t mess with me!….These Girls are all mine..

These Fallow Deer are only just starting to Rut, a good deal of noise and some fake charges but nothing serious…as for the females they are keeping well out of the way.

Last year our Deer Rut was very late well into November for the Red Deer and much later than  Deer herds to the north and south of us .  Don’t know why our Fallow and Reds are late to mate…..maybe they are just shy.

25th October

(C) David Oakes 2016


13 thoughts on “A Lot of Noise and Nothing (so far) to show for it

  1. When I saw your headlinde, David, I suspected that you had written something about the US Presidential Campaign, but come to think about it: It probably isn’t all the different?! 🙂

  2. It could if Trump still refuses to acknowledge the final result? Personally I refuse to believe that Americans by large can be so stupid that they would send this man to the White House. If provoked he might even start a war, and he’s very easy to provoke if one knows which buttons to press!

  3. With the exeption of Obama I must say I’ve been wondering a bit about American presidents of late ?!
    And I dare say: So has probably the rest of the world as well ?

      • Depending your own standing, of course? I respect all candidates (and voters) for their political views, but at times these candidate does/says things a president elect should not!
        But personally (being a Norwegian) I’m not casting a vote in this election!

  4. In our Dunes near Zandvoort (coastal village) there are too many of these deer. They can’t get out. Now the bloodsport people come to decimate their numbers. I’ll bet the meat is for the ‘festive’ season. It makes me feel sad that hundreds of these fallow deer are being shot because ‘man’ did not realise that in an enclosed area there is boud to get too many deer.

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