Fall Backwards……..


Sundown over Derbyshire

Once the sun has set tonight we can mark the passing of another milestone in the annual cycle of seasonal events. We have to reset our clocks and watches…back by one hour so that the UK is back on good old GMT…..British Summer Time is over  till the 26th March 2017.

I think that this year we will notice the change in more ways than one.  The days are getting shorter, it will be dark sooner and I am reckoning that the autumn that has yet to come will descend in a rush

29th October

(C) David Oakes 2016


Muted start to the day on the Moors


Stanton Moor, Derbyshire

The morning started very slowly, grey cloud did its very best to hide the sun.  Last time I was on the moor the heather was in full bloom, now all that remains are the dry dead seed heads.  Although Stanton Moor is not that high it is high enough for the Birch to have lost most of their leaves.

The day may have started with a stutter but it seemed inevitable that as the day developed the sun would have its way. The low rays giving added colour to the bracken that had started to fade ready for winter…





Apart from a few skylarks dipping in and out of the heather and a Buzzard soaring overhead we had the Moors to ourselves….always a spiritual experience.

29th October

(C) David Oakes 2016