Fall Backwards……..


Sundown over Derbyshire

Once the sun has set tonight we can mark the passing of another milestone in the annual cycle of seasonal events. We have to reset our clocks and watches…back by one hour so that the UK is back on good old GMT…..British Summer Time is over  till the 26th March 2017.

I think that this year we will notice the change in more ways than one.  The days are getting shorter, it will be dark sooner and I am reckoning that the autumn that has yet to come will descend in a rush

29th October

(C) David Oakes 2016


8 thoughts on “Fall Backwards……..

  1. I remember: Fall = Fall Backwards. But Spring? …. forwards?
    Photo is stunnig by the way. Our wintertime, your summertime seems to be the ‘real’ time. I wonder whether this to-ing and from-ing with hours is of any help at all.

  2. I learned in school that the occupiers (Germany) brought this in. After the war we stopped with it and then they started again. Can’t say it makes me happy. Nor a lot of other people either. And I don’t believe it is necessary. After all, what you save on electricity in the morning you use in the evening… So what’s the gain? Beats me. But I love the photo. It’s the beauty and the beast in one pic. Thank you.

    • I believe British summer time was introduced in WW2 as a means of gaining more working time for farmers, etc in fact it was double BST the change was for 2 hours. After the war they realised that was not compatible with the various European times and one hour was the best compromise. There are still debated as to the benefits or not of these changes. My view is still if we stuck to GMT it would be just fine.

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