Some November Colours…..


Another Bonus day down by the Lake

2nd November arrived and with it the first frost of the year. I am told that it  was quite a thick frost but by the time my eyelids had opened it had vanished. It has though had an effect on the trees.  There is much more colour but sadly many leaves have just dropped…..notably my two favourite Ash Trees have  lost just about all their leaves overnight…soon they will just be skeletons..


Lakeside positively glowed this morning, the dark waters reflecting not just the dark blue of the early morning sky but the multicolours of the trees…


Not sure that the sycamore are going to turn yellow and gold as would be their normal plan but instead just drop everything to be trampled underfoot. The Horse Chestnut whilst slow to turn is still keeping to traditional display of brown and golds


But as the morning moved along wispy white clouds started to drift in and as its way remained with us till dusk…..but not a big problem as that gorgeous sunshine still kept breaking through


Just a note on temperatures.  Monday we basked in 17c, some paces enjoyed 22c midday to day it reached the days maximum of 7c. The promise is for colder weather for the rest of the week.

3rd November

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “Some November Colours…..

  1. Message from the ‘Skeleton Country’:
    We were waking up to a blistering minus 7 degrees this morning, but – now snow! Very good weather for getting rid of the Iberian snails’!!! And our bonus for the day was a bright sun in the sky!
    I loved you lake! You ought to bring a chair, a blanket and something warm to drink?! Beautiful sight!

    • There are a couple of handy benches that are well placed ….and I admit to lingering a little too long on one or the other at times. North east winds building here so that snow is driving down some cold air…. 🙂

      • Lingering is forgiven both because of the beauty and the age (over 50 I believe? :D). There is the whole day to enjoy the autumn colours and warm sunshine and a vista like that. Like SeeNorway suggests: bring some tea in a thermos and a few sandwiches. It’ll be the best day ever until the next best day. 🙂

      • And you haven’tm broughty along your skis, of course? 🙂
        We have been told to expect 10-15 inches of snow by morning, but there’s always hope that somebody has got it all wrong . . .?

          • If it really happens tomorrow, I’ll shoot a few frames to let you in on the developments over here.
            We know it’s gonna be chaotic on the roads – like always on the first day of snow, but as for myself I’m driving on ‘all year tyres’. It doesn’t help much when everybody else are blocking the roads 🙂

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