November and another Bonus Day …..but with a definitely different feel.


Early Morning, Allestree Lake

Early morning, the sun catching any colour left on the lakeside trees.  There had been no frost overnight but the morning was still cold and the lake and light had that cold look to match. Yes, despite a very bright sun and substantially blue sky the light this morning had changed, very different from the weeks just gone, a week that brought November and darker nights.

The leaves have at long last started to change colour and drop in bigger numbers, the morning sun just managing to light parts of the woods that have not seen sunshine since early spring…


Gales are forecast for the weekend, so it will be no surprise if by next week the leaves that are still filling the canopy have been striped clear….many of those leaves have yet to turn but as they are dry after all the warm weather and lack of rain they must surely fall. My favourite ‘bent’ Beech  stand may well not sport its golden head this autumn as they are only just turning brown …..

Whilst we wait and  for that distinct change in the weather that will define the start of winter lets enjoy a walk though our autumn woods….


and a not so Silver, Silver Birch now a red head…


No matter how long you wander through the woods, kicking up leaves, searching for fungi, fungi which does seem scares this autumn, it is the Lake that will draw you back for another look…and why not


The clouds that kept gathering did at times give us a short sharp shower or two just for a change,  but before the sun disappeared below the horizon it did gave us one last shining moment..


Not bad for the 4th of November…

4th November

(C) David Oakes 2016


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  1. Not bad? Superb! Wonderful. Although in the first photo I spot a well known cloud. Thanks for sending that one over. It multiplied during the trip. 😀

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