Surprise – I Spy ….the Sun


Friday morning dawned….no sign of the rains of the past few days (and definitely none of the snow that had been threatened, thankfully).  All is calm…..maybe it is the calm before the storm… if the forecasters get it right we have gales and heavy rain due tonight and into Saturday.  So making the most of yet another ‘bonus’ day a good long walk was required.


The cold morning sky was soon cross crossed with vapour trails but I guess that whilst it was calm down here at ground level, higher up there would be a strong wind. So it was as soon the trails were dispersed and those cotton wool ball clouds returned.

Whilst the sun is bright this morning there is a marked difference.  Gone are the warm tones replaced by a colder hue much more in keeping to the time of year.


I did come across some strangers on the walk…two young ladies.

Although they both needed to visit the Hair Dressers they did sport some rather fine red locks…



The Autumnal colours are much stronger but still the green remains…it seems to be more stubborn as each day goes bye showing no sign of falling…


But the Horse Chestnut is now perhaps at its best…


The trees that grace our lakeside are showing signs of the approaching winter, still they are sporting just enough colour on a cold morning to lift the spirits….


12th November

(C) David Oakes 2016


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    • Known as Highland Cattle and origins in Scotland. They are pretty common across the UK as they are a very placid breed and ideal for conservation grazing where there is a close proximity of people

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