Contrasts of Autumn…


Cold morning at Allestree Lake

The weather as per forecast was wet and very heavy rain for Saturday…today they were unsure as to what to predict. So it was a surprise as we were given yet another ‘bonus’ day .  Cold certainly and the sun did cast long dark shadows whilst doing its best to brighten the day….but try as it did, there was still that cold blue look to the light.

Change was more noticeable in the woods…

DSC_6867_00071bb.jpg  Lots of leaves giving a deep crunchy carpet to the woodland floor but surprisingly still plenty of green to add confusion to the season feel..



Even at mid-day the sun worked hard to add some warmth to the day, but this is November so perhaps a mid-day high of 7c is not either untypical or for that matter that bad.

But it was nice to get back to the warmth…and Buster secured is spot in the fading afternoon sun to ‘chill out….in the warmth!’


and that look say…..”Do Not Disturb

13th November

(C) David Oakes 2016


4 thoughts on “Contrasts of Autumn…

    • Thank you…beautiful in the woods to look at but if felt fantastic, a mix of stimulation, tranquillity…just refreshingly good 😊

  1. Even tho I cannot disturb Buster right now :), I would like you to to give Carla and him a pet from me? Thank you. Photos are marvellous again. We get the grey stuff and you this. Thanks to you I can still enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

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