Golden Surprise…..


The golden leaves of the Beech Trees are now starting to show their true colours…the morning sunshine this Wednesday giving them an added rich glow. Yes, sunshine once again!  I say again as we have just had three days that in truth never woke up, a little damp and an awful lot of grey.

Even yesterday the Beech acted like a beacon in the woods adding a brightness to another wise dark tunnel of trees…

 Even this morning those dark skies persisted turning what was once bright green and yellow into a rather muddy grey..

doi_0750_00001bbSo it was a great, and very welcome surprise, that the sun broke through the cloud cover.  It was a short break but all the more welcome ….a Golden Surprise…




Out of the woods a lone Red Deer Stag is quietly grazing (I think I have missed the Rut – I blinked!)


Then hiding behind a tree came this Fallow Deer Stag, one of several ‘white’ coated stags in this heard….


But Autumn has been odd this year.  It has taken a time for the laves to turn, many trees are still green….. I guess all we need is a frost and gales and they will be stripped bare….

Mid day and already the sun gives the impression that the day is over…


true the clouds did return leaving us with just a few bright memories.

17th November

(C) David Oakes 2016


8 thoughts on “Golden Surprise…..

  1. Fabulous again, David. I thought of your photos yesterday when I travellend by train to visit familie in the centre of the country. Train went through the woods before I had to get off. It was nog as beautiful as your woods, but I promise you… it nearly was. A fest for the eyes. Forecast for today is wind force 8 and gusts even stronger accompanied with rain and hail en thunder. Hurray! 😦
    It will take many leaves off the trees I gather. We had our lunch in a restaurant with a conservatory where we sat in the wonderful sunshine, behind glass. It was wonderful. Looks like a day that you photographed. Isn’t nature great? 🙂

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