Helter-Skelter Weather



An in-between day.  Started dark and threatening. No reflection on the lake today as the strengthening wind was rippling the surface, the dark clouds casting a dark shadow over the water.

But that strengthening wind also worked its magic and for a short while blew  those clouds away allowing a low sun to give the required glow to the autumnal leaves…


Buster was quite content to basic in the warm sun….he knew it wouldn’t last


and it didn’t.  The dark clouds zoomed in again and it was raining…


The bench may well have been sheltered from the worst of the weather but not well enough to encourage anyone to linger…


Common sense dictated that home…and as quickly as possible, was the best option.

We will see what tomorrow brings….I guess storms are due.

18th November

(C) David Oakes 2016


4 thoughts on “Helter-Skelter Weather

  1. Heard yesterday that windforce 8 is no longer a proper storm. According to the “ones that know’ overhere. Fantastic atmosphere comes from your photos again. Pet for brave Buster and also for Carla. Both very brave to go out with you in this Autumnal weather. 🙂

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