Maybe…..the Last


Darley Abbey Park, Derby

Yesterdays high winds,  and overnight our first frost of the year, has made a significant change to the woodlands about us here in Derby.  The colour is now stronger in many of our trees, mainly the beech varieties, whilst others have just shed their leaves.

The River Derwent is very still, hardly a ripple and no noticeable current to mar its dark waters..


Darley Woods are not our regular haunt (only because other woods are nearer for our daily walkies).  So each time we stretch our legs in the Park we have to keep reminding ourselves just how lucky we are, this woodland oasis is less the half a mile from the City Centre….


On a still day no sounds seem to travel into these parts, tranquillity reins supreme, just the bark of the odd Happy Pooch enjoying a free run.

Soon all that will be left are leaves….and soon not even they will remain as a reminder of Autumn.


As for tomorrows weather outlook….it could well be snow or again rain or maybe just another sunny day.  Lets wait and see.

19th November

(C) David Oakes 2016


6 thoughts on “Maybe…..the Last

  1. Why should you gwet away, David?! This is how we experiencewd the weather 2-3 weeks ago.
    Meanwhile we’ve had the shortest winter in years (I hope) as all the snow has gone and day temperatures seems to have settled around plus 3 degs. C, but I guess the snow will return eventually . . .!

    • What ever we wish for will not automatically be given….we get what comes our way for better and in some cases for the worse. At the moment I dare not complain as we have enjoyed a great late summer that has gone on for weeks and now autumn (which I know cannot last)

  2. The warm Summer days are gone.
    The long nice evenings outside in the rest of the daylight are gone.
    The trees show their magnificent display of colours before the colours are gone.
    What remains is spectacular photos, even better and warm memories that bring a smile to our faces and the knowledge of the work that is now done underground to make the earth fertile once again so the circle can continue. We are on our way to the YULE Solstice and the feast because it will start all over again. The Wheel keeps turning.

      • Aye… that would be great. Looking out of my window I see and hear the rain coming in horizontally almost driven by the SW storm force 9. It’s a magic of its own. Looking at my screen and the inviting cup of tea next to it, I am very glad to be indoors. 😀

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