Contrasts of Autumn…


A Majestic Oak

Friday was all sunshine till dusk when heavy rain and sleet whipped up by a strong North Easterly wind arrived.  So it was more than a surprise to wake this Saturday to a gin clear blue sky, the remnants of a shallow frost and sunshine that did its very best to lift the temperature to a maximum of 6c at midday.

The wind and frost had taken its toll in the woods but the Oak as is its style remains fully in leaf…even though they now have a distinct brown and gold colour. Frost lingered awhile in the shadows, the floor is thick with leaves and the Birch now bare

But Fungi now arrives to add another dimension to autumn…


Fungi has so far been scarce this year, I think the unseasonal dry and warm  weather had discouraged it. But overnight a touch of magic on this old stump now covered in little umbrella mushrooms.

Down by the Lake a lone Copper Beech brightens up a shady corner…may be the last fling of it’s  autumn….


So winter draws ever closer….but just think that in 25 days time we will pass the winter solstice and the days start to become longer as the sun begins its climb back towards spring and summer once again.

20th November

(C) David Oakes 2016