Started slow….but had a few golden moments….


Stanton Moor, Derbyshire

The forecasters predicted clear skies and sunshine, so full of expectations we headed off for what would probably be a cold, brisk but pleasant walk over Stanton Moor. Driving across to Stanton the sky and day had a hint of a promise to it,  just starting to light up the new windfarm…


Interestingly the new turbines have been erected surrounding an old stump of a ‘proper’ windmill.  But as you can see the clear sky was becoming heavier.  You can judge from the top picture of the trig point on the summit the clouds were starting to drown the sun.

It didn’t though take away any of the pleasure of a walk across a moor thick with dying heather and rich brown bracken of the autumn. Then of course we have the blessing of Silver Birch trees that grace much of the slopes around the moor providing a rich and broad character to what could otherwise be a bleak spot.



Yes, the day did dramatically improve…..2 hours after we started out, blue won its fight with the clouds and added an even deeper richness to the last of the autumnal colours.  So a return detour to the trig point was called for…..


A very different view with a horizon lost miles in the distance of Derbyshire.

One last surprise….

As we headed off the moor down the track to the boundary  gate a movement to the right …and there was a Deer, almost lost in the woodland shadows.

I guess as frosts are predicted for the moth ahead this could be the last of the colour of autumn…no doubt a very different view will greet our next visit

As for Buster….he had fun, but no doubt he felt it was now high time for his dinner


26th November

(C) David Oakes 2016