Moody Monday…..



Out come the Skeletons….

What else can one expect for the end of November……and it could be so much worse with rain, frost, fog or snow….or maybe all at the same time!.

Mind you there is still something magical to be gained from the skeleton of winters trees.

28th November

(C) David Oakes 2016


2 thoughts on “Moody Monday…..

  1. Beautiful again, David. Thank you. I think immediately of my dear (almosy) 93 year old friend in Hunmanby. She loves the trees like this. She says that their beauty is mostly in their trunks and branches and I have a lovely little painting she made for me with bare trees.
    We have a cold and sunny day with a cold wind from the East, force 4. Lovely to be outside. Another such day is planned for tomorrow. After that we are back with Autumn days. 😉

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