Turned out nice again…….


A Riverside Walk in Derby

Monday…..after a rather grey start which was following a weekend, that apart from the odd flicker of sunlight, never really woke up…we have belatedly been blessed with a cold but fabulous late autumn day.  Time was limited so we thought we would head for the same riverside walk along the Derwent in Darley Park as we did last week. Last week it was the Beech trees that displayed their autumnal colours….today it is the turn of the mature Oak trees with their leaves now more brown than the Beech, but just as colourful in the low sun particularly when set against a deep clear blue sky…


The low sun cast very long dark shadows, nor did it rays mange to penetrate the depths of the river waters make it look more than a touch mysterious.

With all leaves now gone the bark of the Silver Birch comes into its own with the rust red tendrils hanging from the thin branches like Christmas decorations. Remember the Beech with its handsome head now devoid of leaf that create the carpet below the swaying branches.

Long shadows and bright low sun create a wide array of contrast on an inner City Park that could well be mistaken for a very rural landscape.

But we will let the Mature Oak Trees have the final say to a fantastic day.


The forecaster tell us that tonight will be the coldest in our part of the UK since  January 2015….our first real deep frost is predicted. On the up-side that could mean a great day again tomorrow.

28th November

(C) David Oakes 2016


7 thoughts on “Turned out nice again…….

  1. Good morning! With all windows and the balcony doors wide open it is getting a wee cold in here but it’s also very good to get rid of little critters as silverfish and paperfish and dust mites which are in everybody’s house. :). It’s a white world here from the frozen grass and leaves etc. Beautiful but very cold. And each time when I think you cannot possibly be any better than you already are, you surprise me. These ‘morning’ photos are stunning. Thank you. You cheer up this already bright sunny day. Have a wonderful day, everybody.

  2. Try hugging one. 🙂
    Honestly, each tree feels different. Oaks can feel warm to the touch and Beech cold. Poplars are often warm as are Willow and Birch. But other trees feel cold. Of course it depends on the sap rising up within the trunk. 🙂

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