The Odd Spot of Sunshine


Allestree Lake…one of the bright spells!

The day, we were told, would start overcast and dull but cloud would clear and a bright day would follow.

Well it did start dull not even the yellow Sycamore and Maple leaves could do very much to brighten the morning….


Early afternoon we enjoyed the bonus of a little sun.  Its bright rays once again caught the remaining Beech leaves to light up an otherwise dark corner of the lake…


A heavy frost is forecast for Saturday night so no doubt the remaining leaves will be down tomorrow….but for the beginning of December that is not bad going.

Christmas is coming as is a New Year so please join me in this seasonal wish…

3rd December

(C) David Oakes 2016


2 thoughts on “The Odd Spot of Sunshine

  1. David, do you mean that we make a photo and put our wishes in it? I have no idea to get one of my photos out of Picasa into here. Give me some time? 😉

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