Not a change for the better !


Yesterday we had mist and ice but also some sunshine trying hard to lighten the mood.

Today that mist has turned to fog….fog that reaches upwards to join the clouds and blot out any chance of sun to brighten the day.

Ghostly silhouettes of trees stand motionless in the still and damp air…


No one is prepared to linger on the bench today.

All in all it is a rather miserable day, a day when it appears you are the only ones around. The fog cast not only a visual blanket over everything but also suffocates all sound, not even the call of a bird…. trees can stand in ghostly silence.

dscn1503_00018bbThe one bright spot is by the Lake where the scene is enriched by the newly fallen leaves….but it is the only bright spot today.


 The lonely trail through the woods.

6th December

(C) David Oakes 2016



A Winters day ….at last


Ice on Allestree Lake….

It had to happen…we woke on Monday to a thick frost and a mist that lingered all day. For the first time this year our Lake was frozen. Not that it will last as the Forecasters reckon we have a warm but wet spell heading our way….nothing one can do about it but to wait and see what we get given.

Do you Remember the saga of the Gloves..

Perhaps not so let me remind you. Winter two years ago when out walking I kept on finding a glove.  There were enough gloves to supply an outdoor outfitter….but there was a tiny problem…a problem that sounds unbelievable.

Every glove found was a left handed glove.  Well that was true for adult gloves… whilst children’s gloves were always right handed. It was a mystery for which we found no logical answer.  After the first one or two I started to record the finds.

This last winter was, in our part of the world, very mild so I guess it was not surprising that we found no gloves.

No surprise I suppose on our first really cold winter days this year that we stumble across our first lost glove….as its an adult glove it is of course left handed!

glove-1-winter-2016-2017Is this going to be the start of another winter of multi finds ?

(Can I stress that each glove is photographed as found; carefully placed out of harms way by the original finder)

5th December

(C) David Oakes 2016