Not a change for the better !


Yesterday we had mist and ice but also some sunshine trying hard to lighten the mood.

Today that mist has turned to fog….fog that reaches upwards to join the clouds and blot out any chance of sun to brighten the day.

Ghostly silhouettes of trees stand motionless in the still and damp air…


No one is prepared to linger on the bench today.

All in all it is a rather miserable day, a day when it appears you are the only ones around. The fog cast not only a visual blanket over everything but also suffocates all sound, not even the call of a bird…. trees can stand in ghostly silence.

dscn1503_00018bbThe one bright spot is by the Lake where the scene is enriched by the newly fallen leaves….but it is the only bright spot today.


 The lonely trail through the woods.

6th December

(C) David Oakes 2016



7 thoughts on “Not a change for the better !

  1. All of your photos here will be loved by Betty in Hunmanby. As I told you, she loves trees in winter. You can see their strength and their beauty that comes from the daily struggle to survive. I have learned to love bare trees. Among the reasons is this one from Betty. But also because I know the tree is half asleep to sustain itself until longer laylight will give it strentgh to dig even deeper with its roots. Especially the first two photos are smashing to me. No, I wouldn’t linger on the bench. It would give me probably a cold and wet bottom. 😀

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