Moody Monday……

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All A Tilt…

In less than a weeks the whole character of the woods has changed…the most dramatic change being to the Beech Trees.  Those handsome golden brown leaves have gone and once more the woodland floor is open to the skies.

Now let me assure you I have not been over indulging in the weekend tipple, nor am I tilting the camera apart from pointing it upwards.

I have known this Beech for over 30 years, standing above many others on a rise in the ground and has always been at a jaunty angle. What is amazing is that it still stands.  Despite the heavy weight of the trunk, and the extra weight of leaves for a good part of the year , there is a healthy colony of Rabbits in an enormous burrow that must intertwine with the roots.

Some say it will fall soon….but they have been saying that for the past 30 years or more .

12th December

(C) David Oakes 2016