A Change for the better….


After 5 days of cold rain,  fog and dark days that have never woken up we received a big surprise…….. clear(ish) blue skies and sunshine.  Even so the low sun could not reach into those dark shadow areas nor had it the intensity to add  much colour to the morning.

But after those wet days it was great to walk freely by the Lake and into the Woods unencumbered by soggy waterproofs. Even temperatures of 13c were very welcoming.

The rich and thick carpet of golden leaves shone even brighter with the moist sheen left by the rains….so that and many footfalls will soon turn the leaves to mulch and continue that cycle of woodland life….


15th December

(C) David Oakes 2016



3 thoughts on “A Change for the better….

  1. Seems a good idea to kick the leaves up and rund through them up the hill. But although I feel the child in me, it’s the body that protests. 😀

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