A Week Today…..


A Week today and it will be Christmas Day

It is up to you….

you can  Cheer and get into that Christmas Spirit

or Groan and go into denial.

18th December
(C) David Oakes 2016



4 thoughts on “A Week Today…..

  1. Decided to just get the tiny tree out of the shed. Nothing more. But as I will celebrate Yule on Wednesday I will see whether I can go to the wood and enjoy nature. After that I will have lunch in the restaurant there with view over the lake and the woods in the background. On Thursday the second of the 12 Days starts and on January 2nd the little tree goes back into the shed. A New Year with lengthening days starts. A month from now you can already see the days are lengthening again. As for Christmas dinner… it will be small and simple as I am home alone. 😉

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